About Us


Welcome to Itsy Bitsy’s BonBons Bakery's official website! We are here for all of your baked good needs. No event is to small or to large for us! Whatever you are looking for, we have it all! From basic to extravagant, we will bake only the best for your birthday, wedding, baby shower, corporate party,  or any event!  



SAMANTHA TRIVETT - Owner, Baker, Decorator
   I started taking cake decorating classes when I was 12 and I have loved it ever since!! As a mother of four toddlers, I started making their birthday cakes and decided to pursue baking and decorating as a career!

MARK TRIVETT - Owner, Public Relations, Marketing
   With over 10 years of marketing and customer relations experience, I truly enjoy working with people and advertising is my true calling! I also make most of the deliveries and am the face you will see at vendor events as well! 



We are licensed and operating under the Cottage Food Law. For a  complete brochure with all of our prices, styles & shapes, serving  sizes & guides, flavor options, cake cutting guides, as well as our  frequently asked questions, please contact me. Please feel free to  contact me with any questions, comments, or feedback as well!

(256) 404-7889
(205) 478-9772 (marketing & customer service)